We enable companies to meet growth goals.

Salt 5 works with SMBs at various stages of their development to help them build and execute revenue-driven brand and marketing strategies that enable them to raise capital, generate demand, connect with prospects, and close business

We take brands from visceral to viable!

How we help.

Investors want to inject capital into companies that have growth potential.  They want to make sure their investments have a clear and scalable plan to go to market and that they have a brand and value proposition that adds value to the market.  Salt 5 works with you to articulate your positioning and develop, implement and execute a marketing strategy that drives sales.

How we help.

In order to meet growth targets, companies like you need a steady cadence of market activity to build awareness and fill your sales pipeline.  Salt 5 is expert at helping growth-stage companies claim their unique position in the market by implementing optimized, sales-aligned inbound marketing plans, talent structures and lead generation initiatives.  We enable you to gain market traction with every interaction.  

How we help.

Salt 5 works with VCs to develop and execute scalable GTM strategies for their investments.From fledgling startups to distressed growth stage firms, we enable high-yield results.

How we help.

Business is cyclical.  Markets become volatile.  Buying behaviors change.  All of these factors can affect generating leads and closing business. In order to overcome these challenges, mid-sized firms like yours often need to re-learn their markets and find new ways to  gain momentum with prospects.  It's not always easy.  Salt 5 has proven expertise to help assess, optimize, and execute innovative marketing strategies and operations that help you achieve scalable, attributable, and repeatable revenue performance. 

Strategy and Planning

  • Funding Event Readiness
  • Market Sizing and Research
  • Brand Assessment
  • Go-to-Market Planning
  • Talent Strategy and Development

Brand UX

  • Brand Assessment
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Website and Online Property Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Market Launch

Lead Generation

  • Targeted Account Marketing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Webinars and Virtual Events
  • Tradeshow and Event Marketing
  • Prospecting and Inside Sales

Sales and Marketing Enablement

  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Collateral Development
  • Sales and Marketing Operations
  • Lead-to-Pipeline Planning
  • Sales Process Development

Inbound Marketing

  • Strategy and Operations
  • Full Funnel Content Development
  • Content Amplification
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Nurturing

Public Relations

  • Topic Development and Messaging Strategy
  • Media and Analyst Relations
  • Industry Sponsorships
  • Speaking Engagements and Events
  • Press Releases

The Salt 5 Approach: Build a brand that pulls.

Like salt, earth’s most ubiquitous and essential resource, brands cannot be contrived. Salt 5 passionately believes that brands are essential to the lifelong success of a company and are authentic to a company’s founding principles. Staying true to your founding principles and delivering a client experience that reflects them will attract and draw target market participants to you – investors, customers, talent.

Leveraging this core belief, Salt 5 doesn’t claim to create your brand. What we will do is help you articulate, develop, and deliver an authentic brand experience to the marketplace in a way that drives revenue and attracts market participants to you. Utilizing innovative brand and content techniques that appeal to all (5) senses of your target market, Salt 5 can help you build a brand that pulls.

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