Our Expertise: High-Growth SMBs

Our Purpose: To Enable Growth

Our Approach: Be Authentic. Be Essential. Stay Focused.






Our Expertise:
Marketing Strategy for High-Growth SMBs

Tracy Kantrowitz, Founder and President

Passionate about helping brands find their way from visceral to viable!

Tracy brings over 17 years of global marketing experience in both the tech and SMB sectors to Salt 5 Marketing.  Trusted by investors and CEOs for her cross-functional sales and marketing acumen and her ability to build and lead high-performing teams, Tracy is passionate about building authentic brands that deliver on measurable goals.

Tracy is also an evangelist for leveraging inbound marketing and sales enablement strategies at growing companies because of their ability to enable quantifiable scale. From strategy development to plan execution, Tracy enables companies to achieve sustainable growth.

Currently based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Tracy is a native New Yorker.  And, while she would love to include some cool hobbies and interests as is en vogue in today’s executive bios, she unfortunately does not excel at sports and can’t carry a tune to save her life. Tracy is however, very adventurous and not afraid to try new things.  And when she does, she gives it her all!

Our Purpose: To Enable Growth

Doing the same thing over and over again will get you the same results. Even when you are giving it your all, sometimes you just can’t achieve the results that you want.  Salt 5 is passionate about identifying areas of growth opportunities for SMBs at all stages.  We are innovative in our approach to market development have helped companies overcome a variety of growth challenges.

Starting with an attributable brand experience strategy we enable you to promote customer acquisition and loyalty so that you can deliver on your investor requirements and financial goals.

Our Approach:  Build a brand that pulls.

Like salt, earth’s most ubiquitous and essential resource, brands cannot be contrived. Salt 5 passionately believes that brands are essential to the lifelong success of a company and are authentic to a company’s founding principles.

Leveraging this core belief, Salt 5 doesn’t believe that we can create your brand. What we will do is help you articulate, develop, and deliver an authentic brand experience to the marketplace in a way that drives revenue and attracts market participants to you. Utilizing innovative brand and content strategies and techniques that appeal to all (5) senses of your target market, Salt 5 can help you build a brand that pulls.

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