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What’s news to you may not be news to a reporter.


Navigating the nuances of media and public relations is not easy.  Media coverage must be earned.  Without a clear plan and dedicated resources focused on it, your coverage is at-will and highly unpredictable.  When you are a startup or SMB, unpredictability is not going to help you grow.  You need a plan and expertise to open up dialogue with media participants and build a good cadence of coverage in the market.

Salt 5 knows how to do this.  We have built multi-industry press relationships and we know how to capture and keep the attention of top technology analysts such as Gartner.  We work with our clients on a full range of PR capabilities that all end in getting our clients unique voice in the media so they can establish credibility and leadership in the market.  Let us help you get your story out.




Topic and Messaging Strategy

Media and Analyst Relations

Speaking Engagements and Events


Industry Partnerships and Sponsorships

Press Releases and Media Alerts

Practical PR Tips

For Startups and Beyond:

Be reasonable.

  • What’s news to you may not be news to the market.  Examine the topics you want to talk about and make sure they are relevant.

Be ready.

  • Always have a press kit ready. You never know when you may get a call from a reporter out of the blue so be ready.  Your press kit can include simple things like executive bios, corporate logos and background documents.

Be prepared.

  • Educate yourself on the reporters you are targeting or speaking to.  Be prepared and never go into a pitch or interview unprepared.

Be on message.

  • Develop core messaging points on each of your topics and stick to them. Consistency and clarity go along way in building credibility with analysts and reporters.

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