Enable sales. Improve pipeline performance. Simple, right?

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We design sales enablement programs that help drive repeatable and predictable pipeline performance.

Sales Enablement encompasses sales content development, lead-to-sales plans and processes, opportunity management and technology.  How can something that sounds so operational and to some, even trivial, have such a critical and attributable impact on sales performance?

It’s simple, if a sales person cannot access and deliver the right information to the right prospect or stakeholder at the right stage when working an opportunity, they risk being unable to move the deal forward.  If marketing is not delivering the type of leads that sales is expecting or if sales management is unable to rely on accurate performance data, how can a company deliver on plan or make improvements where needed?

Salt 5 believes that sales and marketing share a joint revenue cycle.  We deliver the programs, processes, and technological capabilities required to achieve alignment and improve revenue performance.


Sales and Marketing Operations

Lead Scoring and Qualification


Sales Collateral Development

Sales Training and Development

Lead-to-Pipeline Planning


CRM and Marketing Automation Implementation

Why Sales Enablement and Alignment Makes Sense for B2B SMBs


Sales teams unable to find and access content to send to prospects


Lost revenue due to misaligned and undefined sales and marketing processes annually


Improvement of sales-ready lead numbers through nurturing programs


Win-rate improvement by integrating processes and enabling sales

Source:  Kapost 2016

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