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Top 5 Reasons Why Startups and SMBs Fail to Secure Funding:


Lacking a clear go-to market strategy.

Having a clear go-to market strategy that demonstrates the potential for your company’s sustainable competitive advantage is of the utmost importance to an investor.

Not having a fully vetted management team.

Investors want high yields from their investments.  Make sure they feel confident that your team is prepared to take your company forward.

Ambiguous Value Proposition.

Many new companies focus too much on product and investment raising but not enough on what makes their brand unique. It’s essential to clearly articulate how it is distinctive and differentiated.  And, more importantly why it will be valuable to the market from the buyer’s perspective.

Not looking the part.

Whether you are looking for your first round of funding or this is your fifth capital raising.  Your brand visuals and online experience needs to match the words you are saying about your company.  Having a clear and consistent visual identity tells investors a lot about your staying and growth power.

Having an unrealistic valuation.

Investors are looking for a company with a clear and scalable business model.  Make sure that you have a good understanding of where you really are financially so they can get behind you and help you grow.

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