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Why Do Most Lead Gen Programs Fail?

Nearly a decade ago I learned the key to a successful marriage. The marriage of Sales and Marketing that is. It was somewhat earlier in my career and I was interviewing for a marketing position at an early-stage tech SMB. The person I was meeting with was the global head of sales. The interview was going well and then almost out of the blue he asked me, “So what’s the most important thing for sales?” To be honest, a number of different answers ran through my mind and before I could respond, he leaned forward in his chair and enthusiastically answered: Leads.

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For Our Next Trick, Let’s Turn Content Into Revenue!

Imagine building a multi-million-dollar company in 5 years without ever employing a single salesperson? How did they do it? Magic! Well, not really, they actually achieved their revenue goals through building a strong content framework that reflected the value and mission of their brand.

The company I’m talking about is HelpScout. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Francis, HelpScout’s CEO and Co-founder. HelpScout is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) customer experience and support solution. The secret to their revenue success was to be very clear on what they wanted to accomplish for the market with their solution. Then they built an inbound brand experience through content creation and amplification.

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The ABCs of Public Relations for SMBs and Startups

With the proliferation of social media, traditional PR and marketing strategies have shifted and have become more integrated than ever before. Today, PR not only encompasses traditional media channels such as magazines, newspapers, and television but it also includes blog sites, review sites, social networks and more. Today the media playing field has expanded and has become inextricably connected. Opinions, coverage, reviews can virally extend from one platform to the next. This is both a curse and blessing at the same time. Therefore, PR must be treated with purpose and control.

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